Julio Cesar Paredes


Photo Courtesy: National Historical Museum of Buenos Aires

“The South Matadero” (Buenos Aires). Water colour by Emeric Essex Vidal, 1820. The story was set there about 20 years later.

“Despite the fact that I am writing history, I shall not copy the early Spanish chroniclers of America, who are held up to us as models, and go back to Noah’s ark and the generations of his family.”

Esteban Echeverría, The Slaughteryard (1871)

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Photo: Julio César Paredes

When we understand diversity and inclusion, we can accomplish greater things together

I am committed to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into everything I do. I have encountered diversity since the beginning of my professional career as an educator and journalist. I had the privilege of sharing and learning from the experiences with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. We worked together as a team to create a culturally inclusive environment, and began to value the multifaceted identity in the classroom or newsroom and came to trust in the significance of the diversity. I encouraged my students to be proud of their heritage, religious, and traditions in an open, safe space in which they feel free to express different ideas, opinions, and worldviews. I believe dialogue is a powerful tool and facilitates an open and safe environment in the classroom.